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Meet the people making a positive impact in Queensland and Western Australia where the Community (Producer Responsibility) Scheme model is currently in operation.

10c Tom - individual

Cherbourg - Operator

Lions Club - Community Group

Generating jobs for the local community

North Queensland Green Solutions joined the Containers for Change scheme in July 2019. Operating as a social enterprise, the container refund point (CRP) has a strong focus on providing employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities, injuries or health conditions. Since its inception, the CRP has created eight new full-time jobs in a town of just over 8,700 people, with additional casual staff joining at peak times. The town has embraced the CRP which processes an average of more than 130,000 containers per week, returning an average of $13,000 in refunds to the community.

As a social enterprise operator in the Containers for Change scheme, North Queensland Green Solutions invest all their profits from their CRP back into the employment services they offer to the community.

“Generating an average of $13,000 each week in refunds to the community.”

CQ Pet Rescue

CQ Pet Rescue has been participating in the Containers for Change scheme since it began in June 2019. As at the end of May 2020 CQ Pet Rescue had raised more than $25,000 through the scheme.

Saving animals that are on the euthanasia lists in council pounds and catteries, they’re the only animal rescue in the entire Central Highlands region, receiving no government funding or subsidies.

While the financial benefits are clear, there are other positive outcomes from the group’s engagement with the scheme according to Treasurer Susan Consedine.

“The community has been a massive part of this project and their support has made such a difference to our recycling project,” Susan said.

“The local Maraboon Tavern gives us all their cans and bottles for recycling, as do many other local businesses. The scheme is incredibly easy to engage with – the funds are simply deposited into our bank account, ready to be used.”

The scheme is managed by CQ Pet Rescue volunteers including 76-year-old Selwyn Nutley who has collected more than 66,000 bottles and cans for the charity since the scheme began.

“The community have been a massive part of this project.”